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The Alexandra Palace Organ Appeal
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APOA 141 - From a North London Hilltop

Selected Live Concert Recordings 2004-2013

Track Listing

1 Mit Schwert und Lanze Hermann Starke John Pryer 2004
2 Let the Bright Serafim Georg Frideric Handel Ellie Lovegrove &
Richard Moore
3 Toccata & Fugue in D Minor (Dorian) Johann Sebastian Bach Stephen Disley 2005
4 Allegro Joao de Sousa Carvalho Stephen Disley 2009
5 Entree Pontificale Marco Enrico Bossi Stephen Disley 2005
6 Fantaisie in E Flat Camille Saint-Saens David Dunnett 2004
Improvised Accompaniment to three silent railway films Donald MacKenzie 2006
7 Alexandra Palace Branch whilst open
8 King's Cross
9 Alexandra Palace Branch after closure
10 Prelude & Fugue in C Major Johann Sebastian Bach Stephen Disley 2009
Sonata no.1 in C sharp minor Basil Harwood David Dunnett 2005
11 Allegro Appassionato
12 Andante
13 Maestoso
14 Elegaic Melody Eduard Grieg John Pryer 2006
15 Impromptu Louis Vierne Stephen Disley 2005
16 The Knightsbridge March Eric Coates David Dunnett 2004

Total Playing Time: 78mins : 00secs

The first CD recording of the partially-restored Alexandra Palace Organ

The APOA are proud to present "From a North London Hilltop".

This CD contains a selection of live concert recordings from the recital series we have organised since the re-installation of part of the restored organ in 1990. These concerts have showcased the talents of many gifted musicians as they bring the Alexandra Palace Organ to life. The programme is a wide variety of music from many schools, styles, periods and moods and includes a work which was created live by Donald MacKenzie in the Alexandra Palace, as an improvised soundtrack for a silent film about the Alexandra Palace.

The programme also demonstrates the many distinctive tonal features of the Alexandra Palace Organ. For example, Stephen Disley's wonderful Bach performances show just how well suited is the crisp Great diapason chorus to this peerless baroque music, and John Pryer's haunting rendition of the Grieg contains more than a few echoes of the 1929 organ as shown in the historic recordings.

The quieter works showcase the delightful flutes, strings and mutations, but also making a number of appearances is the powerful tutti, sometimes with 32' Bombarde and heavy pressure tubas! The organ is very much at home in an accompanimental role, in the hands of Richard Moore and the Trumpet of Ellie Lovegrove. We have included the complete First Sonata of Basil Harwood, beautifully played by David Dunnett, whose spirited Coates performance is a favourite of all who have heard it. We hope you will agree with us that no other recording could have concluded this disc!

We are deeply grateful to the artists for their support of this production, and to Alan Hodgetts for creating clear and natural-sounding recordings which preserve the tonality of the instrument and the resonant acoustics of the hall.

This CD is available for purchase at any of our concerts, with 100% of the purchase price being added to the charity's funds.

Alternatively, you can contact us to purchase a copy by post.