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The Alexandra Palace Organ Appeal
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Organ Chronology

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1873 - The First Instrument
"Father" Henry Willis builds his masterpiece at The Alexandra Palace. It is totally destroyed three weeks later in a great fire, despite Father Willis's attempts to save some of it at great risk to his own life. Details and Specification.
1875 - The Second Instrument
Father Willis installs a replica of the lost instrument, which he considers to be his finest Concert Organ. Photographs, Details and Specification.
An article in The Rotunda describing the movement toward rebuilding and restoration following WWI damage.
1929 - The Rebuild
Henry Willis III rebuilds the organ. Photographs and Specification.
1930 - The Rebuild
Henry Willis III writes at length in The Rotunda about the rebuild.
1937 - The Change of Pitch
The movement to lower the pitch of the organ. Appeals and a Photograph.
1950 - Dismantling
Following WWII damage, the instrument was dismantled for storage at The Palace. Photographs.
1960 - Silence
The huge facade looks silently down the Great Hall. Photograph.
1969 - A new threat
The organ is offered for sale. Scan of advertisement.
1970 - Working towards restoration
Henry Willis 4 begins to remove most of the instrument to the Willis factory whilst fundraising concerts are held. Photographs.
1980 - The first Cheque and
1980 - Great Fire

The Restoration symbolically begins with the handover of a cheque, but shortly afterward the Great Hall and everything in it is destroyed. Photographs on two pages.
1983 - Restoration
Palace - photos showing devastation after fire. Organ - factory Photographs.
1986 - Great Hall Restoration nears completion
The Great Hall and organ gallery takes shape whilst in the Willis factory at Petersfield the fourth incarnation of The Alexandra Palace organ is assembled. Photographs.
1989 - Installation in Great Hall
The organ is installed on the Gallery. Photograph.
1990 - Grand re-opening concert
The end of the first phase of the current restoration, and the first time the Organ was heard for over 50 years, was marked by a grand concert featuring six organists. Photographs.
1993 - Working towards second stage of Restoration
Henry Willis 4 writes about the restoration.
Summary of the restoration to date, Specification and Photographs.
When the restoration is finished...