The Organ
The Alexandra Palace Organ Appeal
Registered Charity No.:285222, London N22 7AY
The Organ in 1980

An event shortly before the Great Fire which was to engulf everything seen here.
Is Felix Aprahamian smiling so contentedly because he just about to hand over a cheque for 1,000 to Henry Willis 4 to start the restoration of The Alexandra Palace Organ?
This extremely rare photograph shows part of the interior of the organ during the clearing work by Henry Willis & Sons in 1975-1980, during which much of the movable items were relocated to Liverpool, Huddersfield and Petersfield.
Here is the enclosed Solo section, looking from the end of the Great.
Here is the Choir section, looking downward.
Here are photographs of one of the rooms where the organ was stored from 1950-1980. These rooms are now the Willis and Marconi serveries in the rebuilt Great Hall.
The state of dilapidation is all too apparent.
One of the greatest pipe organs in history is a toilet for pigeons.
These pipes have clearly suffered greatly since 1944.
Console parts lie in storage waiting for a renaissance.
The manuals.
The pedalboard.
The Solo soundboard being winched down from the North end of The Palace.
Images © Henry Willis & Sons Ltd, Alban Clarke