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The Alexandra Palace Organ Appeal
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The 1969 Advertisement For Sale

Here is the infamous 1969 advertisement for the sale of The Alexandra Palace Organ.

The text reads:

Applications are invited from individuals
or organisations in any part of the world who would be interested
in its preservation or restoration
This famous organ was designed and built in 1875 by
the renowned Father Henry Willis, who regarded it as his
finest organ. The late Sir Malcolm Sargent described it as the
finest concert organ in the world.
The organ is at present dismantled and has been in store
for 20 years. Restoration costs would be considerable,
ranging from GBP20,000 upwards, according to the amount of
work undertaken. In its prime the organ contained 2000 or
more pieces with 98 speaking stops and 39 couplers, making
a total of 137 registers.
It has four manuals each 61 notes, CC to C, and a
"Willis" pedal board of 32 notes CCC to G.
When the organ was restored in 1929 an electrical centrifugal
blower replaced the original steam-operated crank shafts and
bellows. At the same time a new console was installed ; this
is now also in store.
Further work in 1939 lowered the instrument to concert
pitch to enable it to be used with military bands and orchestras.